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of supervisors can work and deal with issues and resolve them. i want to thank people from my staff, harry who is here with her new baby and stephanie and others who put hours into staffing these issues. i especially want to acknowledge the community coalition. this is a victory for them at the end of the day. there are so many organizations and you will see a list of them that they are the ones who have been advocating for making sure that this project be build, but that it be built right and i want to thank them for making that happen. we are here today because of your efforts, and we as a board, we as a city are grateful for the true contributions you have made. thank you, let's give the coalition a big round of applause and i especially want to acknowledge that liaison, paul kumar, i don't see him in the crowd. i think it's fair to say that paul was an integral part to making this happen. thank you paul for your great work. let me talk about saint luke's, in life you come to full circle. i first came to saint luke's when i finished school. i graduated and didn't have health insurance and
harry row have raised questions but i'm going to support the contract >> thank you supervisor. this is important even though the airport is a advertised. first of all, i want to thank mr. martin the entire budget analyst office perhaps we can lesson our reliance an blood pressure pills but some how i we - i find quite frankly this has to do with the charger exchange contract as well i would agree with the supervisors comment i love to support the union folks and this is a financial issue right here about the contract with clear channel and it's really 24 decisions you kind of trust what the staff knows but you reject it because it's not a typical a structure. and it's very clear had there are the vast majority if not ail the advertisement contracts include 8 percent and a making. i guess from envy prospective i approach this for a high bar for us to dive in and reject a contract and i think the fact that one i like the fact that the advertisement locations are going down but i want to say that i disagree with some contractors that building e binged more on a contract will get
and worked at pier 15. as a writer, he wrote harry dickens, that appeared at the s sundance film festival. he used to make me to the waterfront and the fisherman's bars, and god knows my mother to had fish him out of a bar. thank you to the port staff and this now and for the future. kudos to you, because that's what we were aiming for, and you see writing is in his blood. you would like to say and recognize in the record, each and every person that i have worked on the pylon crew. i will start with the carpenter shop -- and the laborers. the ironworkers. [calling names] the painters: [calling names] engineers: sheet metal workers: truck drivers: plumber/photographer/ extraordinaire planning and development: and maritime michael nurhe. we have something to commemorate this occasion. commissioner williams if you will help me hand these out, if i called your name and you worked on the pylons, would you come to the middle of the room. [applause] >> you have to put your camera down, dave, to be in the picture. so what these are is specially made 150th anniversary hats. and on the back of them for
to the n ss committee meeting. >> hi steven and harry. and jim is he up here in. >> okay. if i can speak into the microphone. so if you can tell us a little bit about the application and the kind of outreach you have done to the community as well as the license application in supervisor cowen's district. what are you trying to do in. purchase the property at the 24th street a little bit over a year ago it had an existing liquor license there and bar business since almost 80 years. we purchased the building it lesee was up and she wasn't going to stay in the business. we with wanted to purchase her license directly but she wanted double so we reached out to jim and he found us a license electro transfer in. so as we're owners of that building our plan it to completely rehab that entire building started down from the basement below we we have the commercial space of the existing bar. we reached out to the city and we want to make that corner a relevant corner. i have experience i've done this in the city before. i had two liquor licenses in south park when there was nothing there i bought
% complete of the slope plant, before long we will only have remaining work at the harry tracy water treatment plant. construction has been completed on four of our six storage projects, as indicated here, the calaveras dam project is now 39% complete. ~ the regional groundwater storage project is one of the three projects remaining in pre-construction and it is now in the later stage of design and environmental review. [speaker not understood] progress has also been made on all our transmission projects as indicated by the amount of blue on this slide. all these completed projects have already added significant delivery to the seismic and delivery reliability of our system. five transmission projects with significant seismic delivery reliability -- seismic reliability objectives remain, and you can see here on this slide our two ongoing tunnel projects are the only two remaining segments needed to complete the new life line being built around the bay. and the new tunnel there is 79% complete, while the bay tunnel is slightly further ahead at 81% complete. so, shown here is a high-le
environmental health trust work with the supervisors with harry lehman who just spoke, distinguished attorney, ellie [speaker not understood]. it should send a message to you this is an important public health measure. last week i testified before the d.c. city council on the same issue. you actually have inspired the world. i have met with mayors in helsinki alone and people are taking up the message that people have a right to know about cell phone safety. you've set a very shining example. jackson hole, wyoming, and poem broke, florida passed a law about the right know about cell phones. but it didn't require posting information at the point of sale. your information is widespread. i am releasing to you today a new study that is just today about the galley written with [speaker not understood] the chief of neurooncology at the university of california san diego as well as some of the world's top epidemiologists and we find in that study something quite important to the bill that you passed, which is that those who began using cell phones as teen agers have four to eight more times brain ca
come on up and you have two minutes. >>> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is harry lehman. i've worked as a trial lawyer. i've done a lot of 42 usc 1983 work, for example, for 35 years. i've been deeply involved in the issue with regard to cell phone hazards because of the deaths of four kliegsclose friends. one was particularly close, from [speaker not understood] of west some a. so i've pretty much devoted my life to this at this point. i in substance have seen that this committee is interested in objective study before taking action. i think you should be aware that there have been startling new developments in the area of peer reviewed science in this area that dramatically affect the whole fees motion in terms of the application of 42 u.s.c. 1988. and my job here to you today is to give you straight answer to any question. and in addition to that, point out to you that the general accounting office has directed the f-c-c to conduct a new study because of these in
. >> well, i want to speak. my name is na kia harris. i work for world [speaker not understood]. we've been around for 20 years. i recently came in contact with these wonderful women. our clients love them and they really look out for them, you know. everyone is not able to afford medicine and, you know, i just want to let them know that they help everyone, you know, and they're a great fixture in this community. and nothing bad is ever to be said about them. i just wanted to let you know our c.b.o. supports them and our clients do also. >> thank you. is there any other public comment? someone back there with the hand up wants to speak, you have to get through the crowd, then. come on over. hi. >> hello, [speaker not understood], my name is vicki blake. all of these people are invited here to open this cannabis club. i have been diagnosed which positive for 19 years along with four other terminal illnesses along with a stroke. so, i do slur my speech. the last two years of being on this compassion program has changed my life. i've been empowered and undetectable. just graduated from school.
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)

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